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Finally interpreter .. "Skype" supports the Arabic language

8 March, 2016

Finally interpreter .. Skype supports the Arabic languageIt announced the chat service Skype , on Tuesday, an official from the addition of Arabic to the list of languages ​​supported by the interpreter service Skype Translator, for a total of supported languages ​​8, along with support for 50 languages ​​to translate instant chat.

She said, Skype , owned by the company, Microsoft , in a statement that the Arabic language support is important for her, because there is great diversity among the speakers of this language around the world, and the large number of speakers.

The company added that the interpreter Skype Translator service, and since its launch in December 2014, facilitated communication and relationships across different languages.

Famous chat service explained that the Arabic language is supported by Modern Standard Arabic Modrern Standard Arabic which is used in the Middle East and North African countries standard formula of the Arabic language.

The Skype to it and unlike local dialects, which greatly differ from country to country, used Modern Standard Arabic across the Arab world in the field of written and formal communication. It is taught in schools and used by journalists.

The Arabic language support after the Portuguese language support (Brazilian) last December, and accepted by the French and German languages ​​in June, Italian, Chinese and bilingual early last year, and the beta version of the service had been launched with the support of both English and Spanish.

The company had announced mid-December 2014 launch of the first experimental phase of service Skype Translator that many expect her to revolutionize the field of telecommunications.

It can be found on the Arabic language settings on your desktop with the globe icon under the Skype application, and drop-down list can activate Skype Translator service, then choose the languages ​​spoken preferences and messaging.