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Arabic Google Assistant will be available in Saudi Arabia this year

26 March, 2018

A month has passed since the Personal Assistants Revolution that dominated the CES 2018, which was held in Las Vegas last January, where largest and most powerful rule was for the personal Assistants. At the same time, unlike the technical battle between personal assistants and other techniques, there was a mini-battle between Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, a battle that has not yet been resolved.

Arabic Google Assistant in Saudi Arabia

At CES 2018, we saw the presence of the Google Assistant in many devices, from Google s own smart speakers, known as Google Home, to smart TVs that have become smart not only with a huge library of applications but also with the best personal assistants in the efficiency section.

Recently, during the Digital New Initiative summit in Amsterdam last week, one of Silicon Valley s largest giants, Google, announced that its Google Assistant will be available in 30 new countries, This year.

This news simply means that Google Assistant will be available to users in 52 countries gradually throughout the year. Russia, Sweden, Italy and Saudi Arabia are among those countries. While it s available in the current time in each of Germany, France, Canada, the United States of course and other countries.

Not only is this the huge advertisement, but the ad also ensures that the personal assistant will add to his current supported languages, which are English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish, several other languages, including Portuguese, Russian and fortunately Arabic.