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About AARU

 The Association of Arab Universities is a prominent Arab independent institution based in the capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Amman. Establishing the Association was an initiative taken by the Cultural Administration of the League of Arab States, which hosted the first two seminars in Benghazi 1961, and Beirut 1964, for people involved in the higher education field in the Arab region. Both seminars aimed at researching and analyzing the issues of the higher education sector, and sketching the framework for cooperation among Arab universities. The two meetings concluded that there was a need to establish an association of Arab universities, as well as adopted a draft bill of the bylaws of the Association that was approved by the committee, order No. 2056 on its forty second anniversary, September 30, 1964. This was followed by the establishment of the Association s Provisional General Secretarial in 1965.
The first meeting for the General Congress, held in September 1965 in Alexandria, witnessed a participation of no less that 23 Arab universities. The meeting transformed the Provisional Secretarial into a permanent one. Professor Murci Ahmad, the then Minister of Higher Education and CEO of the University of Cairo, was the first Secretary-General of the Association.

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